Leek And Potato – Baby Food Recipe +9m

hi welcome to 1f up again it’s a kind of chilly being in Southern California so me Luca we are going to prefer a very warm and comforting leek and potato soup that we that we are going to serve to look up but this time with some modifications we’re going to serve to the whole family oh we need we.

Need to leeks to potatoes homemade chicken broth and some extra virgin olive oil and for the mummy and daddy recipe we’ll just need some bread Christy and some sort so let’s start together so first of all.

Let’s peel and chop the potatoes and leeks let’s take a nice big pan turn on the heat at medium high and let’s put some good extra virgin oil we depend two tablespoons and let’s put our child Bruce independent let’s see it’s 4 to 5 minutes keep stirring because this starch potatoes our homemade chicken books so I eat these chicken group last week and then it’s rigid and I’m adding 6 cups so if you do not have you know homemade chicken broth you can always use chicken broth that you buy.

In the stores just check that the quantity of sodium is the minimum that you can find but we are going to see together how to make a homemade chicken.

Broth very soon because it’s always useful and I have to sell that once you try the taste of the homemade chicken broth.