Cauliflower & Fresh Creamed Butter – Baby Food Recipe

get some cauliflower and fresh cream butter without salt you’re gonna want to steam the cauliflower using a steaming pot or an insert like this one make sure there is enough water at the bottom but do not let the veggies sit in the water place about one-and-a-half cups of cauliflower into the steamer basket and turn it on high for.

10 to 15 minutes cover the pan I don’t have a lid so I’m using a corrupt light you’ll know when it’s done when you can easily stick a fork in it and break it up.

Put the cauliflower into a mixing bowl while still hot and add 1 tablespoon of real butter use your hand blender.

Or magic bullet to make sure all of the cauliflower is mixed well this makes about 10 ounces of food real butter is a healthy fat that baby needs for brain development now for a taste test are you ready ha ha do you like it do you like it do you like it.