How To Make Asparagus Puree Baby Food

hey everyone is Ashley in today’s video we’re going to go over how to make homemade asparagus puree for your baby if you’re just starting out learning how to make homemade baby food you’re going to see in this video that making this is very easy and very fast so before we get started we’re going to go over some fun.

Facts about asparagus it’s perfect for your baby’s heart and nervous system development and it’s also a great source of.

Folate in fact asparagus is listed.

As one of the number-one sources of vitamin K and if you’re wondering what that does for your baby it really helps.

Bone development and with asparagus being grouped in the clean 15 rest assured if you did not go the organic route if you don’t know what the clean 15 is I will be making a video very shortly so keep an eye out for it let’s get.

Started first you’re going to need a blender you’re also going to need a steaming basket a cutting board a knife I prefer butcher knife a spoon a pot with the lid and a measuring cup with a two and a half to three cups of water and you’re going to go ahead and add your water into the pot you want the water right below the steam rack you’re going to.