Skincare Secrets Of Korean Actresses | Korean Beauty Tips From K-drama Stars!

market everyone myself for today’s video I’m going to be talking about some skincare secrets and who speakers beakers am I going to be talking about I’m going to talk about three acts assisting hair secret also in the disclaimer some of these methods I don’t follow myself and you’ll notice that a lot of these skincare methods are very different.

From each other so that just goes to show you speakers where it’s personal thing everyone is different everyone has different beliefs and everyone’s.

Kind of follow something different so maybe yours for.

Someone’s skin might our for you and what works for you might not work for someone else so it just kind of goes to show that universally.

There’s nothing that works for everyone so create actresses are very well known for how beautiful their skin about some of these women you.

Want to believe how old they are and so I’m just gonna share with you guys a limousine I read.

I’ve researched I’ve heard about Derek in here secret so let’s go ahead and get started now the first question for a.

About this talki one a hockey one is actually 38 years old even though she was way younger than 38 I mean I got a lot of the activism to be talking about with a lot younger and how old they are sister use again to the beveled I should just stop talking she is from and for T Secret Garden it kindly we’re not in love and she also has her own skincare line out.

I’ve actually reviewed one of the products from her skincare line VJ was only talk and actually it was amazing so.

Much we want almost the idea of never allowing the skin.

To be dry but you always want something on it to keep her skin moisturized you’re going to notice a kind of pattern through a lot of these pink haired teens is moisturization.

Have something on our skin if you also follow the three-second rule now the three second rule is something that I mentioned in my see hair best video and what you guys are kind of confused about the.

Idea of the three-second rule so the three second rule is basically the idea of after cleansing your skin you need to get coder onto your face within three seconds so it seems impossible but a lot of times you just have to be putted on after you’re done cleansing and help rebalance out the skin because cleansing obviously tends.

To surf things off and hide your natural oils for goodness and all that pen bit soft dose of course different skin care products so seeing says to use a safe day.

One jelly pack after cleansing your skin so since she has such a heavy schedule.

When it comes to filming she usually just cantos the skin and immediately access with the Jos deli packs on her skin if you guys have ever smelled the consistency of that past it is like super thick and almost happy but as soon as you apply on your skin and let it sit for.

Minutes it just makes your skin.

To license bumps and it looks really nice I could see why she follows this kind of thinking.

Her skincare line she also never.

Dries her skin with the towel I know what you thinking how the heck you dirty without using.

The towel but she just actually passed the rest of the water.

Into your skin after she closes her face so she has lose any moisture and she doesn’t have a rough childhood interface that usually has a lot of bacteria next we’re going to be talking about school Yong Jun citron what’s up boss Dan well and clean some dog and she’s actually 45 years old she’s one of the most famous Korean actresses that are known for her beautiful skin and skin hair because of it she has her.