10 Basic Beauty Tips For The Beginner

do you wish you knew how to make your lipstick last longer or help your eyelashes look thicker we’ll let you into a few makeup secrets with 10 easy beauty tips every beginner should know keep watching to find out the right place to match your foundation to your skin so many of us have been doing it wrong for so.

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We’re sharing 10 basic beauty hacks everyone should know longer lasting lipstick are you tired of having to reapply your lipstick several times a day let us share with you a few clever hacks that will help the color stay on your lips for longer first off it’s all about prep you can help your lipstick look smoother and stay on better.

By exfoliating your lips first sure you can buy a.

Lip scrub but you don’t actually need anything fancy to do this simply use a soft bristle toothbrush like those designed for children and gently rub away dry flaky skin you can also use a clean disposable mascara wand to do the.

Job just remember to apply lip balm first now it’s time to prime your lips just like you do with your face and eyes you can buy a lip primer but a waterproof concealer will work just as well to help the color stick to your lips next up is your barrier to stop the color bleeding into your skin apply reverse lipliner around the outer edges of your lips if you prefer you can apply concealer with a brush here to save having to buy another product it’s now time to apply your first layer.

Of color then blot with the tissue to remove any excess oil now comes the really clever bit they’re going to use a translucent powder to set your color you can rub this directly on to your lips using your finger you can also pull apart a tissue and place one thin layer on your lips then brush the powder over that.

Apply a final coat of lipstick and hey presto you’re done brow hacks do you know you can use other.

Kinds of makeup to get the brows of your dreams you can use your mascara eyeshadow or eyeliner on your brows if you’re looking to tame them and add a little color.

Use a dark brown mascara gently stroke it through your brows to create a subtle tint and add some whole – if you need to fill in over plucked or sparse brows get your liquid eyeliner use a gray or brown liner with a fine tip to draw short feathery strokes across those bare patches and for those who want dramatic definition grab your matte eyeshadow and some contact lens solution mix.

Them together and apply with a.

Brush for long-lasting color if you prefer to stick with your eyebrow pencil and powder try this technique.

To fill them in just right draw a line underneath the whole of your brow line then draw a line on the top but.

3/4 you’ll want to blend down and up using the brush on the end.

Of your pencil or a clean mascara wand then work powder across the outer three-quarters of your brow with a stiff angled brush and.

Then just move the brush backward and forward on the inner brow brows are lighter at the inner corner so that’s why you don’t use so much product or definition towards your nose you can even use a lighter color there for a natural finish mesthri manicures if you’ve ever tried to paint your own nails at home chances are you have to carry out a big cleanup job at the end does the polish slip over your cuticles and even onto your skin sometimes save time and.

Effort with the nail polish remover by doing a little clever prep work beforehand the key is to cover your cuticles and flush with something that will stop the polish from sticking some makeup experts put olive oil around their nails before they embark.

On a nail art session others use glue yep that’s right the kind you used in school like Elmer’s glue just brush it over your cuticles allow it to.

Then once your polish has completely dried peel.

Off the glue to reveal your pristine cuticles in fact you can use clear glue to make your own DIY polish to simply apply it to your nails and then cover with glitter or you can mix in some.

Food coloring to create your own custom shade what makes this even more of a genius hack is that it’s so straightforward to remove you just pull it off beauty experts also use clear glue as a base coat to make it easy to remove glitter polish here’s one more nail quick hack.

To cover up chips in your nails simply apply a coat of glitter polish this is naturally uneven so no one will realize there’s chip polish under their bronze and blush contour if you’re not a big user of bronzer or blush you might not be sure how to use each product you might assume you only need to use one or the other but hack from the Beauty Department shows you how to use both.