Easy Beauty Hacks & Beauty Tips You Need To Know For Flawless Makeup

this is when you’re like okay you thought the face was banging now okay we bout to do we bout to do this okay wait just hey friends Mickey Valentine here welcome to my face all up on a silver platter for you can we just oh this video is all about no fail makeup tips and tricks so what I.

Didn’t want to do is just like a simple basic makeup look what I wanted to do instead is kind of break the face down into components and show you my tips and tricks on the things that I do that have made my entire makeup process way easier and help me save so much time so let’s.

Break it down break it break it down break it break it down well okay focus and I’m very excited because once again I am partnering up with epsy and I’m gonna be showing you guys some of the products from this month’s the lam bag to create this looks I’m gonna show you a one product brow yes I am not joking I’m gonna show you how to do this very easy smokey eye look.

Right here and then we’re gonna do a little bit of contouring a little mousse an edge and we’re gonna do a nice ombre lip once you guys get these.

Steps down you’re gonna be like boom like family I need to get it under control before we do that are you part of the family cuz it’s like real easy to be part of the family I’m gonna do is hit the subscribe button and if we’re really part of the family you will some mash that notification bell icon because that’s what we do in 2018 alright here.

We are here we are back at it again man I always feel like a late night dis truck you want to do this you are listening to ksv TV radio and we are bringing you the smooth sounds a make up oh I don’t even know what.

That means we bout to get into space though that’s what I dunno does this happen to anyone else you wake up in the morning you’re like yes feeling good feeling good then you look into a mirror and you realize oh my gosh that’s what I actually woke up looking like this morning yes you I’m talking.

About you curl okay we need to do something about this so like I said we got the glambag hair and I don’t know why you looking like Vanna brown over here you K looks like the move on with this alright people are waiting for the tutorial so here’s a youtuber in her natural habitat you know she wakes up in the morning with like perfect lighting you know what this totally reminds me of those Instagram videos where everything is so dramatic and it’s like do you have bags under your eyes oh no well I have the.